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With  over 250 productions under her belt, Christina Morano knows the ins
and outs of the industry. She has worked on a wide variety of programs including documentaries, promotional videos, commercials, corporate videos, self help programming, live video webcasts and much more. After graduating from college, Christina began her career as an associate producer for New York PBS affiliate WLIW, where she worked for three years. Since her tenure at PBS, she has freelanced as a producer/editor and collaborated with various producers and production companies. Christina implemented a weekly live streaming web program from the ground up and has been responsible for coordinating, directing and editing a weekly four-camera television show. During the summer she teaches at a film camp she helped to found four years ago for young adults.

Click here to see a reel of the programs Christina worked on as associate producer for PBS affiliate WLIW and other Public Television stations.


BigBean works regularly with a long list of collaborators and our New York City headquarters gives us access to an unlimited supply of talent and resources. By evaluating our clients’ needs on a case-by-case basis, we can match the right people with the right projects.